Did you hear about the success story of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)? We did and the story will now take a big leap forward as the team behind PaintSwap.finance proudly presents the world’s first multi-standard secondary NFT marketplace. Leveraging Fantom’s combination of high throughput, low latency, and low costs, the NFT community can now find a place for all their needs without worrying about getting ripped off by crazy fees and long delays!

What is PaintSwap and why Fantom?

PaintSwap is a decentralized exchange, representing itself as one of the latest Automated Market Maker (AMM) on Fantom. Offering Fantom-inclusive farming pairs, competitive APY, low trading fees, and…

Get your brushes while they’re hot!

The day has finally come:

Today, paintswap.finance opens its’ doors to any and all users who would like to support our new exchange by pre-funding our LP pools and depositing funds with us. If you recall from our previous articles, we will be thanking everyone who takes an early chance on us by airdropping a full 2% of our total supply to anyone who pre-funds our eligible LP pairs.

The eligible LP pairs for our 1st airdrop are as follows:

  • USDC <> FTM
  • BNB <> FTM
  • wETH <> FTM
  • wBTC <> FTM

From May 20th, at 1200 UTC to…

Redefining yield farming on the Fantom Opera Network

Another AMM on Fantom?

I know, right? The Fantom Opera Network is growing quickly within the DeFi ecosystem. Within the last month, we’ve seen several new, exciting projects like SpiritSwap and Spooky Swap pop-up — bringing with them new users, liquidity, and excitement into the space.

While these new decentralized exchanges and automated market makers have increased exposure to the Fantom Opera Network, we feel it’s been a pretty volatile and fractured experience. Liquidity is being spread between exchanges, farmers are chasing the newest and hottest yields, all the while the end-user receives a declining experience.

How will Paint Swap help?

Good question. Here at Paint Swap Finance, we…

Full AMA here: https://discord.gg/r5xfgJXX

Please welcome CheeseKnight, Samwitch, and Paintoshi from PaintSwap! We spoke to the team previously, for those who missed the previous AMA, tell us about PaintSwap and what you guys do?

  • Sam: Hey guys! So I’m the lead backend developer, I do most of the smart contracts, APIs & subgraph, and occasionally when CheeseKnight is slacking some UI
  • Cheese: UI lead over here, I’m the one pushing UI updates in the middle of the night!
  • Paintoshi: Hello! I’m the newest dev added to the team. Currently mostly doing UI improvements on the frontend

Congrats on the NFT…

Hello fellow painters!

1 month ago (26th May) we launched our farms and what a time it’s been! Lets look over the developments since.

Airdrop #1

We airdropped 2% of the total supply to anyone who provided liquidity for these 4 pairs: FTM-USDC, BNB-FTM, ETH-FTM, BTC-FTM .

Subgraphs created

We open sourced our subgraphs https://github.com/PaintSwap/paintswap-subgraph which provide index data for a variety of things to be quickly retrieved in a simple manner. 2 subgraphs were created:

Exchange — Tracks all PaintSwap Exchange data with price, volume, liquidity. https://thegraph.com/explorer/subgraph/paint-swap-finance/exchange

Brush — Tracks data about the brush token and how many are…

We are proud to share 3 simultaneous airdrop requirements all beginning right now! 5.637% of the total supply!

Airdrop #4

Trading competition (2 weeks long). Any $BRUSH pair in our farms are eligible as well as FTM-USDC, these include:


2.137% of the total $BRUSH supply will be linearly distributed based on the USD volume equivalent of all the trades made. It will run until 20:00 UTC 7th July 2021. For instance with BRUSH-FTM:

If a trade is made to buy BRUSH with 1000 FTM and if FTM price is $0.3 at the time…

TestNet is live, airdrops aplenty, and more!

We’ve been working hard to bring our product to life — we think you’ll enjoy the final product! Over the weekend we got our testnet up and running. Our next steps are running through the process, making sure bugs are stomped out and the exchange is ready for you all to use.

That’s nice, but wen?

Indeed, good sir. Very soon, actually! On Thursday, 5/20 at 05:00 PST/12:00 UTC, we’ll open up our site for users interested in pre-funding their LP positions for our exchange. Why would you all want to do this? …

Michael Berry

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